Money drives me crazy. 

What is wrong with people? Why do we waste so much money on bullshit? We hang out with friends and feel the need to one-up each other or show the others tha we can buy stuff. WHO CARES!!!???? 

Why are we not fixated on showing others how we can get rich slowly by saving money every month and investing it into a business idea or a diversified portforlio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds? What is this constant need to show off? 

Have we all been programmed to spend without much thought and consideration? Why are we not bombarded with tips on how to be frugal? It’s always about spending more and getting more stuff that will ultimately be of no use later on. 

Where is the logic in that? Your blessed if you make enough money and have plenty to sock away every month. If that is the case you need to play a game of save as much as you can.

Stop spending to be cool. 


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