What the hell is passion? 

All we are ever told is to follow our passion. What the hell is passion? It is a feeling or an actual job we can physically get paid to do? Since passion is supposed to be based on the love of something (says conventional wisdom) we all can enjoy our passions for free. Just go do it right now.   This is ideal advice given to Americans often. This doesn’t work. You can’t go outside and look for something that doesn’t exist. You can’t find passion under a rock somewhere. What you can do is be creative and productive.

   What you can do is experiment with different jobs, ideas, and paths, that will ultimately give you the best indication as to what you really enjoy the most. To say “follow your passion” is as silly and ridiculous as someone saying “just dig holes in your backyard until you find the big pot of gold, and all of your problems will be solved. No! No! No! This way of thinking does not work.

   How will you know what you want to do, if you never do anything? You have to try shit. Experiment often and with intent. What are we looking for and why are we looking for it? Ultimately to find universal harmony and satisfaction. 

  We want to be comfortable in our own skin, and confident in existence. Not looking for something that we can’t clearly find or define. 


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