Trials and tribulations. 

  Yesterday before work I almost lost my cool. I almost broke down and gave in. I almost let the pressure get to me. I really had to dig deep inside of myself and realize why I moved across the country. I really had to be the mature adult and swollow my pride.

   I really had to stop myself from being irrational. I sucked it up, and moved forward by finishing the rest of my day a little stronger than it had started. 

  It NEVER gets easier, you just get BETTER. It never gets boring you just get a little bit more CURIOUS. You take it for granted sometimes because you want to do more, be more and, see MORE. 

  There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be better, but Eric Thomas was right when he said, we tend to get complacent when we win. Instead of getting hungrier, we fall back a little. When you get to the next opportunity is when yu should turn up your work ethic. When you make that sale is when you should offer the discount or follow up just to check on a client. When they thank you, that’s when you should being saying , “no, Thank YOU for giving me this opportunity to prove myself. 

  You will always have to prove yourself at every single level.  No matter how small or big you are. Remember that. 

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