Compounding acitivity. 

  Imagine how far along we would all be if we took an investing approach to what we accomplished on a daily basis. For instance, how much could you get done if you added twice as much effort to each task that lead to forward progress in your life? What if you triple that the next day or week? After a year you would be exactly where you wanted to be. If you don’t understand the idea of compound interest, I’ll explain as best as I can. 

  Lets say you open a savings account with $1. The next day you add $2 to it which is $3 in total. The next day you add $6 dollars for a total of $9 than $9 for $18 etc. I hope the math is correct but either way I hope you get it. Imagine  doubling and tripling your efforts towards your goals in the same manner. 

  There is no telling what you could do. 


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