March 1st 2017

  Today I question everything. Am I okay? Did I make the right moves? Am I really going after the goals and dreams I desire? Am I just chasing after what looks cool? 

  Do I really belong in this period of time with these circumstances? Did I act on pure impulse or was this all by design? How long until I get to the mext chapter and will I be happy or satisfied with the results? What would have happened if I never followed my intuition? Is this questioning a sign of weakness? 

  Am I not strong enough? Am I not resourceful enough? Am I getting the most out of every single day? Why am I so impatient? What is my purpose? 

  Why am I often confused by my own actions? What the hell am I actually chasing, and what happens after I catch it? Why am I choosing to be this vulnerable today as opposed to a year ago when I had more to lose? Will I ever see what I’ve been working towards and dreaming about? Will I ever be content? 

  Is this all a joke? What am I still afraid of? 

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