Because of the internet… 

  Because of the internet some of us seem far more lonelier than ever before without much notice. Because of the internet we now all have a fan base of virtual loyals, that admire our every tweet, status, and post. This in turn gives us a level of “power” and acceptance we once did not know existed. Some of us don’t even experience this level of attention from our own family. In terms of the “power” it really is an illusion of the mind.

   All is becoming virtual. Our thought patterns are becoming similar to the act of a tweet or instagram post. We have adopted many new catphrases to reduce the amount of thought it takes to formulate sentences. Most of these social media accounts don’t even correct our grammatical errors leaving some of us (even me) to believe we are elite wirters, and thought leaders. Because of the internet I now have the excuse of avoiding people at all costs. 

  I can shop from home, watch every movie known to man, and mask my true feelings from those who know me best. Because of the internet we are now much further from the everyday truths, while spouting the gospel that is google. We no longer fact check, WE GOOGLE SEARCH! Because of the internet nothing will ever be as genuine or authentic as it once was. 

  Because of the internet or in spite of the internet? 

  We are free to choose, and choosing the easiest route always seems more appealing.  


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