Which way now? 

  What do you truly do with the time you have on earth? There are so many ideas to choose from, and so many things distracting us all. You can easily end up doing none of it. It gets rough when you fail on each attempt to get closer then before, or better then yesterday. Giving up and getting fat is always more appealing because of how easy it is. 

  Sticking it out however can lead to huge breakthroughs that are needed in order to get the momentum you need. As long as you don’t stop, you’ll get to the place you want to be. There sre many variables involved as well that need to be considered. Are you really amazing at what you or do you just like it a lot? We can’t waste time holding on to false ideas and dreams. 

  If there is no forward progress you really need to be able to see whether you should keep going or move on to another idea. 

  Dreaming out loud is hard and frustrating. Nobody tells you about this part pf the journey. 


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