Make no excuses, just adjustments. 

  The hurdles you will encounter in life are necessary and plenty. Howelse can you build such strong character and resilience without a little adversity? It can not be done. Learn to adapt, and readjust constantly. There will always be ideas, career opportunities, natural disasters, or family issues that cause complete chaos. You don’t drop everything you’re doing and cry about it. With tears in your eyes, you come up with a new gameplan that will ensure you continue accomplishing your goals. Everything is not going to stay smooth and steady along your journey. You will get tossed around. You will have to swollow your pride, you will reach a few points in time where you lose all of your money, or hope, or business contacts. Don’t sweat it. Use it as fuel to readjust. As the saying goes, improvise, adapt, and overcome. 

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