On “E”.

  There’s a line that says something like, a lot of us die with dreams still inside of us. 

  Things you’ve always wanted, and cared about not being fully expressed or brought to fruition, is a very scary thought. How can this be possible? There are a ton of unforunate situations that can remove someone from this earth, mentally, physically, and spirutually. This we know to be very true. The real reason most of us die with a ton of dreams unfulfilled is because we lack the ability to execute. 

  We lack the ability to persist during tough times. We lack trust in ourselves, and we’re far too impatient to see the journey all of the way through. If you don’t obssess over accomplishing everything it is you want to accomplish, you can be sure to die full. I on the other hand plan to die empty, happy, and with a life fully fulfilled. How about you? 

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