You are a gardner. 

  After you finish planting the seed (thinking about your dreams), you’ve got to water the seed daily (take action and put the dream in motion). At the same time the plant needs to be placed in the right amount of sunlight to continue growing. (Tweak and adjust your dream according to your progress). If followed consistently you shouldn’t be surprised to see a big beautiful flower by the end of it all. 

Push yourself further. 

  What are you willing to give up in order to get what you want in life? Are you will to gring until your body breaks down? Do you accept the challenge to pump out content left and right even when not a single sole shows you love for that content? There is no easy path. Every you want has to be worked for. 

  You can’t be great without the grind. 

Focus on your “control” group. 

  There are a lot of things in life you can not control. The weather, other people, time, and death. 

Things you can control: your health, your thoughts, your daily choices. 

Everyday is an opportunity for you to become much healthier and more in tune with your body. Everyday there are plenty of hours for you to practice an attitude of gratitude. Everyday you have to decide to do things. You’re better off making sure those things result in a better lifestyle for you and those around you. 

Haters hate great! 

  If you want to be successful, but you’re bothered by people talking bad about you, you will never be able to handle success of any kind. When you take your grind to the next level and start doing things right, people will come at you from all angles. Some will hate you just because. Others will hate you because they are not brave enough to it out for themselves. Either way you need to ignore it, and keep hustling. Be yourself at all times, and continue to raise your standards as you grow your business or idea. 

No reminders for the heart. 

 If you have to be reminded to do something, it’s probably not that important to you. When it means something, you’ll never need a heads up. You’ll always go after that thing you are most passionate about. Your passion will wake you up. Your deepest desires will move you to take control of your situation. 


Fight with INTENSION

Dance with INTENSION

Train with INTENSION


Listen with INTENSION


Laugh with INTENSION

Grind with INTENSION


Morale of the story, you can’t just be out here strutting around like nothing matters. Everything you do should mean something. Every action should lead to a specific and desired reaction. Stop acting like things just happen. Start living with purpose and intension now. Stop waiting. Everything serves a divine purpose in your life. EVERYTHING!