Hurry up and wait. 

 You succeed to by making the right choices throughout each day, and making those decisions failrly quickly. 


Action trumps lip service. 

  The longer we ponder and fixate on our situation, the less we accomplish. Yes it’s good to gameplan, and figure out the best strategy in order to capitalize on the next best thing, but too much planning means not enough action. Lets get comfortable with making more moves, as opposeed to just talking about it. Everybody sounds good when they say what they are going to do. The question that’s most important: Are you actually doing anything with what you have? 

It’s time. 

  If you haven’t yet already, know that it’s time to take your grind to the next level. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, needs to be calculated, and already deep in progress. No more putting things off until next month, or next year. Now is the time to get your situation up and running. Even if you are currently limited to a certain amount of steps. 

  Get to those steps, and move on to the next goal. You can’t get to where you want without action. You can’t get to where you want, without patience. Focus on what’s working, and eliminate what isn’t. 

Saying, and doing. 

  We all know what we have to do every day to reach our fullest potential. Unfortunately we all don’t do it. It sounds good to say you will get things done. It’s sounds intense when you declare greatness as the only results. It’s a whole different story when it’s time to actually get up and go do the shit. Doing is not and never will be easy. You have to have the right mindset, along with the appropriate habits. 

Come with it! 

  Sometimes I want to give up and find the easy way out. I soon realize that there is no easy way out. You have to grind your way out of the struggle. You have to work your way into annew job, or new school. You must be willing to change your behaviors, and old ways of thinking. 

  If I want things in my life to be different, I have to act different, and there’s no way around it. There is no instant gratification. There are no handouts. Nobody is telling what to do and what to say. I have to figure it out myself.

   I have to make the adjustments and sacrifices. It’s all on me. I can cry and give up, or I can fight and keep going.