Giving back…

13 Days Left!!!! The day I heard the phrase “readers are leaders, and learners are earners” I never forgot it, and never will. Now I want to turn half of that phrase into an annual celebration and give back. 

Books mean more to me than even I know. The kids are the future and they need the information to succeed. A lot of that information is inside of books. Help me put a book or two inside of the hands, hearts and homes of Lancaster, City Kids! 

Thank you to every donor that made a conscious effort to help me bring this fundraiser to life.







Brought to you by Leon Benson.


Just because you’re looking at the calendar…

It doesn’t mean time is moving slower or faster. You don’t have to rush your ideas. If your heart says they are not ready, so be it. Just perfect and refine them accordingly. Too often we get caught up in how America runs business. 

Everything is right now. Click of a button style.

 This will not ensure success of any kind every single time. 

Don’t be a afraid to comb through every detail of the process. This way, when it is time for the world to buy or enjoy what you have to offer, you actually enjoy it as if it’s not even yours. 

Come together…

Attention Minorities 😆: Over 50% of this country’s population is Caucasian American (HA!). 
So before you go on a “racist” rant look at the facts and the psychology of the situation. 😊

You gravitate towards what is familiar to you. Therefore if over 50% of people look a certain way of course they are going to stay close to each other when people that don’t look like them seem like a threat in any way (mentally, physically, financially etc).

It is completely up to you as a minority to grow up, get over it, and figure out how to embrace other cultures or at least learn things from them and adopt some of their lifestyle in terms of maybe business or finance or even daily habits. 

The only thing that is the exact same is the HUMAN RACE. People of different color are not aliens. They were taught to see others a certain way. If you refuse to show them that you are just like them in many many ways expect racism and classism and stereotyping to go on and on and on for the rest of our existence. 

Embrace what’s uncomfortable. 😊

Have you had enough of my truth yet? PART 3.

One of my legit goals in life eventually is to grow the fuck up, get wealthy as fuck and forget I even have a phone for months at a time. 

To forget what’s it’s like being on the internet every fucking day.

We even do our homework using the internet with things like mymath labs plus. 

What the fuck kind of trap is that!!!!???

Than professors bitch at us and say you shouldn’t get distracted. 

Bitch how about change the system so we can’t even use the internet at school or to get homework done.

Right or wrong? 

The world is designed to work against you. We’re charged for nearly everything including “freedom”. 

The best thing you can do to fix this is to work your ass off. Save as mich money as possible, move to where ever it is you want, and pursue and accomplish your most daring dreams. Afterwards teach others how to do it and continue fighting against the machine that is american government. 

American hypocracy as usual….

So I was sitting here casually having some asian cusine and it dawned on me: why do americans make fun of and even critize asian people for killing cats and dogs and using them as a source of food? 

Americans eat deer, fish, lobster, duck, swan, goat, cow, snail, shrimp, alligator, chicken, clam, and a shit ton of other animals. 

What is the difference? We are just as wrong. Both dogs and cows produce milk, have four legs, need food, shelter, and love in order to stay alive. So essentially they both function the same. Therefore cows are just as sacred right!? Yes right! 

Not to mention all of the other species we consume.

So why on earth do we mock other cultures for doing exactly what we do? 

We are probably way worse. 

Land of the free? More like land of the criticzing hypocrite. 

Rest days…

…Are extremely important, for the body and mind. Sometimes we need to stop. Let our battery recharge. In america it is a normal practice to work past burnout. Taking breaks is considered weak says the american public. 

Of course we know this is crap and that rest is one of the most importsnt aspects of life. It’s hard to embrace but must be done. 

You’ll feel stronger, much more alert, and happy.