That’s not really a secret. 

It’s actually very simple: Wake up everyday and handle your business. 

The end.


It can all be yours. 

  Creating something out of  very little or nothing is truly a treat. You get to manipulate an idea, and tweak it into whatever you want. You can nourish it and watch it grow. You get to say go, and you get to push the button. 

  I can only work harder and smarter, in hopes that I get to live like this every single day. 

Lets work people! 

  You can look adversity in the face and back down. You could second guess your abilities, and call it quits. You can come to the realization that you’re content with where you are, and who you are, in everyway. 

  The alternative? Get your ass up and make it happen for yourself. Nobody is going to push you to get to where you want to be. You have to make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions on a daily basis that will lead you to that accomplished goal. When the ball is in your court what are you going to do with it?