Hurry up and wait. 

 You succeed to by making the right choices throughout each day, and making those decisions failrly quickly. 


Deciding on the decisions you make. 

  Everyday you make a series of decisions. These decisions lead you to one of two places, your progression or digression. When all is well what will you decide? When all is bad, will you be able and willing to adjust your decisions to get the desired results you want? Only you know the answers. 

Hurry up and think. 

  Learning how to make quick and sound decisions is the key to getting more done, in less time. When you overthink, you second guess and worry about things you probably have no control over. You delay what you want or the best possible choice and things start going south. Even if it’s something that is not as pleasant for you to do, think slow, but decide fast. 

Battle royal.

The battle with self is never ending. There will always be the back and forth mental chatter. You can do it. You can’t do it. From fearless, to scared shitless. 

The best approach is to be aware that this will always occur before and after you make any major decisions in life. Learn to pick up on the patterns and lean towards the side that says, you can do it. 

Believe or nobody else will…

Do you fully support your own decisions and ideas about you and your life choices? Because if you don’t how will you ever be able to pursuade the next person to support and believe in you? 

You exude what you include. No matter what it is. The truth is within you, and it begins to come out as you interact with others, and figure more about what it is you want and do and why is it you want that thing or do that thing. 

There is no need to put up a front for anybody. Just be you in every way. The right people will eventually support you whether you need support or not.