Giving back…

13 Days Left!!!! The day I heard the phrase “readers are leaders, and learners are earners” I never forgot it, and never will. Now I want to turn half of that phrase into an annual celebration and give back. 

Books mean more to me than even I know. The kids are the future and they need the information to succeed. A lot of that information is inside of books. Help me put a book or two inside of the hands, hearts and homes of Lancaster, City Kids! 

Thank you to every donor that made a conscious effort to help me bring this fundraiser to life.







Brought to you by Leon Benson.

You got it. 

  How will you ever know what you’re capable of if you never really give something a legitimate try? 

  Go for broke if that’s where you’re already headed. Might as well get the most out of losing, because on the other side is a big win. Just keep going and you’ll see. 

How bad do you want it?  

Often times we find it comforting to bitch and moan. We complain about our circumstances, but never offer ourselves solutions to the problems we face. We always turn to family, friends or a higher power to fix it all for us. That’s not how life works. When you get beat, or knocked down as an adult or young teenager, you just have to pick yourself up off of the ground. It’s just you out here when shit hits the fan. If you’re not putting in the work shut your ass up and move out of the way of the people willing to die for their goals and dreams. How bad do you really want to see your dreams become a reality? 


  You don’t get respect until you demand it. How do you demand respect? Show up. Put the work in. Give credit where it’s due. Don’t lie, steal, or cheat people. Look them in the eyes. Stop bringing your agenda to the table. Say thank you. Say no often. Let honesty be your north star. 

Inner peace = Outer confusion and hate. 

  Why is it that when you finally get to a peaceful place with yourself, somebody has to remind you of your flaws? Why is it that when you start to look the part you’ve been busting your ass for, here comes one of your pals to rub in your face the fact that you still can’t do “this or that”? 

  Why on earth would you remind someone struggling to make it, but on the come up that they still are not good enough? As if you don’t already look in the mirror and still see pieces of the old you? Can somebody explain this please? Why is it that no matter how much you encourage, enlighten, and motivate, push and inspire as many people around you as you can,  “your forehead is still big as shit though” or “you laugh mad loud” or “your shoes are untied, don’t fall” or “you used to be” this or that? 

Like what!? 

  Can a person just level up in peace? Not in 2017. No wonder people give up or stay quiet about what they want, who they want to help, and what they believe in, because right around the corner, is some bozo waiting to remind you how much you used to or still do suck. 

  And it’s like “thanks, buddy, but I’ve always known that about myself. You’re just now finding out because you refuse to believe that I busted my ass and still am busting my ass to get here and where I want to be. Thank you for showing me the light. Now I see. 🤔🤔🤔