Word to the wise! 

  The world will constantly try to set limitations on what you can and can’t do. Who you can and can not be. 

  Do what you want and be who you are! Whatever feels real to you. Whatever makes you smile. Whatever gives you energy. That is what you should be dedicating your entire existence to! 
  Your happiness should always be more important than the opinions and ideas of others.


The problem?  

  It’s 2017 and people are still afraid to be honest. What’s on your mind? Just say it. You’re not going to die, or lose all of your friends. Stop biting your tongue so much. Vulnerability although dangerous is sexy. Reveal  more of yourself in every interaction. Give before you go. Being real should not still he a thing or surprising this day and age. Maybe you don’t want to give all of your secrets, opinions and ideas away, cool. But more of you is always helpful.  Here’s to more honesty. 

Push yourself further. 

  What are you willing to give up in order to get what you want in life? Are you will to gring until your body breaks down? Do you accept the challenge to pump out content left and right even when not a single sole shows you love for that content? There is no easy path. Every you want has to be worked for. 

  You can’t be great without the grind. 

You can’t quit now! 

  There will come a day when you lose your mind. There will be a time when you empty out your soul, and become as vulnerable as you’ll ever be. When the time comes and you are completely broken, fight to keep moving forward. Don’t retreat when you feel weak. Just process and the pain, and find a way to keep going. Keep grinding, keep living for your spouse, for your kids, for your mother, or father. Whoever you love should be the reason why you keep getting up every time life knocks you down. 

It’s time. 

  If you haven’t yet already, know that it’s time to take your grind to the next level. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, needs to be calculated, and already deep in progress. No more putting things off until next month, or next year. Now is the time to get your situation up and running. Even if you are currently limited to a certain amount of steps. 

  Get to those steps, and move on to the next goal. You can’t get to where you want without action. You can’t get to where you want, without patience. Focus on what’s working, and eliminate what isn’t. 

It’s crazy when you think about it right!? 

  How wild is it to think, we only get one life? All we have is one shot to do everything, be everything and see everything we want. ONE LIFE! THAT’S IT!!!!! This is scary as hell.

   It’s terrifying. No restarts or do-overs! I dare you to keep slacking off. Keep thinking everything is a joke. It’s all good until you’re 75 and broke, filling out job applications. 

  You better wake that ass up, get serious about your grind, and try until you succeed. Screw a hater. Just work harder, and work smarter, and work while you’re young. What’s the worst that can happen? You gain a little success, and don’t have to break your back at 75 years of age. 

  What’s the worse that can happen? You end up living the life you’ve always dreamed of. Lose a little sleep, eat some fruit, guzzle some water, and GET TO IT! 

It’s time! 

  Put the pressure on yourself to make shit happen. Nobody else is going to make you wake up earlier. Your parents are not going to force you tonstay up later. You have the time, you just are not delegating the bullshit. Work on the things that matter to you most, and watch the magic unfold.

  It’s time to get it right.