Can you hear me? 

 Swallow your pride, make some mistakes, and get back to your mission or ultimate goal. Stop getting so caught up in what went wrong. It’s a time waster to backtrack. 


Happens to the best of us. 

  Be prepared to pump your brakes and redo what you already started. There will be many hurdles along the way. It’s much easier to prepare for them in advance, as best as you can. Once you are immune to adversity, you can hit the ground running with your next big idea or project. 

Annual evlauation.

Did you take a step forward or backwards? 

Are you closer to your ultimate goal or dream compared to the year before? 

Did you fail? 

Did you get criticized? 

Are you prepared to raise your standards? 

Will you purposely schedule time for rest, and fun?

Alright let’s make it count! 

Focus and intensity. 

When you change your focus you change your intensity. Whatever you want done is the thing you need to be paying the most attention to. A lot of people lack focus, because they get discouraged, or distracted by everything else around them. Don’t let that be you. It’s great to work on multiple ideas at once, but that’s not going to get you as far as you’d like. When you learn to attack one goal at a time, you see how fast you can accomplish things without actually rushing through and doing it wrong. 

Find a reason, find a way. 

You’ll always find reasons to give up or quit. It doesn’t matter the magnitude of the reasons as long as you can find them you’ll use them to get out of shit. Being sick, someone dying, a challenge not being easy enough, a challenge not being hard enough. Too much compeition amongst you and your peers. This person having wealthy parents, and that person cheating. Physical weaknesses, and the list goes on. 

What I need you to do is focus on reasons to keep going. Fond excuses to push forward. No matter how you feel, or what’s going on around you, figure out why you should keep working on your goals. Because if you give up on you, so will everybody around you. 

To self (To you too)

Look at your self in the mirror and give an honest assessment. No sugar coating, no bs. Where are at in life? Are you 100% satisfied with it? If you could change it would you? 

If you said no to that second question, you need to get moving. Stop waiting around for the right time. Now is best. Set your goals, create realistic deadlines, and don’t stop workong until they come to fruition.