Word to the wise! 

  The world will constantly try to set limitations on what you can and can’t do. Who you can and can not be. 

  Do what you want and be who you are! Whatever feels real to you. Whatever makes you smile. Whatever gives you energy. That is what you should be dedicating your entire existence to! 
  Your happiness should always be more important than the opinions and ideas of others.


Do you really want that? 

  Whatever it is we give our all to, shall come to fruition. It will take all of you to see it through. As long as you believe the end result is worth the hassel, nothing else matters. 

Days of our lives. 

  Think about this, ultimately what you do on your days off is probably the ideal lifestyle you’ll live if ever you become extremely wealthy. Of course there are a lot of variables to consider. Most people with a lot of money will feel the need to spend it often, and fast, just because they know it’s there. But think about what you do when you have a shit ton of free time.   

  Do you eat all day? Watch television for hours? Do you travel or hang out with family and friends? Do you waste that 24, 48, or 72 hour block of time week after week? Look at your days off as a pre-requisite to the life you truly want to live. 

  People that already live their dream life won’t benefit from thinking about this. Just know that one day you will be old and unable to physically work. How do you plan on spending that free time? As for me I’ll be doing a lot of reading and writing and eating. As well as driving myself insane trying to figure out what’s next.

   Ultimately helping younger people figure out what they want to get out of life, and talking a bunch of shit online about “success”. 

We don’t have forever. 

Pretend you only have a few months to live. Maybe this will cause you to change your ways. We don’t have forever. All we have is this moment right now. Who’s to say we’ll be here next year? 

This is why it is important for you to move in on what it is you want. 

If you do live to be 90 or 100, you should be able to say “I lived fully, and made things happen.”

I’m tired. 

I want more for myself. I don’t want to be someone’s employee for the rest of my life. Fuck that. I’m ready to evolve and put forth effort towards creating a life I truly love. Not being sure about where you are going in life is such a crazy feeling at times. Now it is time to take more control of my own situation. It’s time to do the work that matters and makes a difference. Time to match the action with the ideas and conversations I have. 

If this is where you are in life, I encourage you to increase your ability to do what you say. Don’t just talk about it. Make sure you live it. 

Think it through. 

Whenever I get frustrated or stuck in a certain routine, I use the law of attraction. You eventually become what you think about most. Therefore I begin to shift my thinking. In my mind I am what I am trying to become (if that makes sense). In my mind I’m constantly placing myself in that desirable position I want to be in. It than becomes a daily ritual. I obess over it, I live it. 

Eventually the universe gives me what I want. Of course by that time I’ve done so much mental prep that the physical aspect of what I want becomes my reality. How long it takes, and exactly how it happens is not as important. 

With that being said I encourage you to adopt the law of attraction. Thoughts really do become things, so think of your dream life and prepare accordingly. 

Are you living or just existing? 

If you comtimue on this path, will you be completely satisfied with the way you’ve loved your life so far? 

If you hesitate at all to answer I suggest a complete make over. Focus more on setting better standards, setting real goals (no matter how big or lofty), and becoming more action oriented. Without the action it all become irrelevant. 

Do whatever needs to be done in order to live your dream life. Do it right now. Stop waiting until tomorrow. Fuck that. You might die tomorrow. What can you do today to live your dream? Go do that!