Make that move! 

  You can sit around in self pity for the remainder of your life, or you can say “enough is enough”. Figure out what the problem is, shed light on it and promise yourself that you will never give less than 100% to your goals. You decide what it’s going to look like for you 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years from now! 

No reminders for the heart. 

 If you have to be reminded to do something, it’s probably not that important to you. When it means something, you’ll never need a heads up. You’ll always go after that thing you are most passionate about. Your passion will wake you up. Your deepest desires will move you to take control of your situation. 


Fight with INTENSION

Dance with INTENSION

Train with INTENSION


Listen with INTENSION


Laugh with INTENSION

Grind with INTENSION


Morale of the story, you can’t just be out here strutting around like nothing matters. Everything you do should mean something. Every action should lead to a specific and desired reaction. Stop acting like things just happen. Start living with purpose and intension now. Stop waiting. Everything serves a divine purpose in your life. EVERYTHING! 


Stop running and start reaching (for your goals). 

  Work for someone else and you’ll never be free. At some point you have to ask yourself, “what gets me out of bed?” You chase checks until you die. All you’ll end up with is unfulfilled dreams, and missed opportunities. You’ll also have some nagging ass boss. 

  A better option would be to get up everyday, grind like it’s your last, and build your own business so you can work for you. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it. 

Is it really for you? 

  The good news is, you can always pursue your dream by never giving up and trying until you die. The bad news, what if you don’t realize that you are not as talented or skilled at what you love? This is a question I don’t think enough of us ask. We have to seriously consider whether we are wasting time, or making progress. Most of the time, your loved ones want you to succeed so even when you suck at something, they may not want to tell you.

  You have to figure it out by serparting your emotions from the craft. Be objective. Test things out. I guess you’ll truly know if you should keep trying something. Seth Godin has a good book about this idea called “the dip”.