Word to the wise! 

  The world will constantly try to set limitations on what you can and can’t do. Who you can and can not be. 

  Do what you want and be who you are! Whatever feels real to you. Whatever makes you smile. Whatever gives you energy. That is what you should be dedicating your entire existence to! 
  Your happiness should always be more important than the opinions and ideas of others.


Lets work people! 

  You can look adversity in the face and back down. You could second guess your abilities, and call it quits. You can come to the realization that you’re content with where you are, and who you are, in everyway. 

  The alternative? Get your ass up and make it happen for yourself. Nobody is going to push you to get to where you want to be. You have to make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions on a daily basis that will lead you to that accomplished goal. When the ball is in your court what are you going to do with it? 

Health will always equal wealth. 

I’m always going on and on about ideas, or business, and staying motivated to do something great, but I never speak a lot about health. Obviously without good health you’ll never be successful. You have to take better care of your body on a daily basis. 

Sleep more. 

Eat more fruits, vegetables, and protein. 

Make sure your mind is right. Meditate, listen to calming music or positive audio. Read the right books, stretch, pray, maintain an attitude of gratitude. 

Get it all together. We can all improve in some areas of our lives. Body being one of the most important. Your body is your temple. 

Because of the internet… 

  Because of the internet some of us seem far more lonelier than ever before without much notice. Because of the internet we now all have a fan base of virtual loyals, that admire our every tweet, status, and post. This in turn gives us a level of “power” and acceptance we once did not know existed. Some of us don’t even experience this level of attention from our own family. In terms of the “power” it really is an illusion of the mind.

   All is becoming virtual. Our thought patterns are becoming similar to the act of a tweet or instagram post. We have adopted many new catphrases to reduce the amount of thought it takes to formulate sentences. Most of these social media accounts don’t even correct our grammatical errors leaving some of us (even me) to believe we are elite wirters, and thought leaders. Because of the internet I now have the excuse of avoiding people at all costs. 

  I can shop from home, watch every movie known to man, and mask my true feelings from those who know me best. Because of the internet we are now much further from the everyday truths, while spouting the gospel that is google. We no longer fact check, WE GOOGLE SEARCH! Because of the internet nothing will ever be as genuine or authentic as it once was. 

  Because of the internet or in spite of the internet? 

  We are free to choose, and choosing the easiest route always seems more appealing.  

The basis of all accomplishments.

  Something I’ve got away from that I need to bring back into my life is the conditioning of my thoughts. Mind execirses. Our thoughts truly do become things. What think about often will soon show up based on the amount of time we spent fixated on that thought. If you want something you have to condition your mind to bring it to you.     

  How you get is not as important as obtaining it. It starts with daily affirmations and declarations. Which leads to belief, which leads to action, which should eventually result in possession of that thing you thought about most. See what thoughts youncan bring to life today, tomorrow, and for the rest of time. 

Get ya mind right! 

A key component to anything is a winners mindset. You can be the most gifted individual, but if you possess stinking thinking, none of it matters.  A lot of times we get caught up in the mental battle that goes on upstairs. We think we can. We think we can’t. Back and forth. Back and forth. If you never practice outweighing the negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you’ll always come up short. As corny as it sounds, mind over matter. 

Mind yours.

All you have to do to live in peace is stay out of people’s business. You less you know about them, you more you can find out about yourself. Any time you incorporate others into the equation, you take on their problems. Do yourself a favor and keep your business separate from others.