I’m trying! 

  You don’t succeed until you test everything. Get out into the market and see what works. Don’t just be a sitting duck. Make things happens and people will appreciate your hustle. Cold call, email, text, social media messaging and tagging. Whatever will bring you leads and sales. Delight the ones that show up and being them more than they expect. 

Still moving forward.

  Last night I couldn’t submit an online job application until I changed my race from african american to white. 

Happy new year to me! Ha! 

It’s 2017. Why do people have to keep going through this? Whatever your current situation is, keep fighting through it. On the other side of pain,is your break through. 

Word to the wise. 

  What can we do that is scary enough to stretch us, and make us better people? These are the things we need to focus on in the new year. We must do the things we know we want to do, but have been too afraid to try. It’s the only way we’ll know what we’re really capable of. 

Annual evlauation.

Did you take a step forward or backwards? 

Are you closer to your ultimate goal or dream compared to the year before? 

Did you fail? 

Did you get criticized? 

Are you prepared to raise your standards? 

Will you purposely schedule time for rest, and fun?

Alright let’s make it count!