Word to the wise! 

  The world will constantly try to set limitations on what you can and can’t do. Who you can and can not be. 

  Do what you want and be who you are! Whatever feels real to you. Whatever makes you smile. Whatever gives you energy. That is what you should be dedicating your entire existence to! 
  Your happiness should always be more important than the opinions and ideas of others.



  You don’t get respect until you demand it. How do you demand respect? Show up. Put the work in. Give credit where it’s due. Don’t lie, steal, or cheat people. Look them in the eyes. Stop bringing your agenda to the table. Say thank you. Say no often. Let honesty be your north star. 

I hate haters. 

  If you’re going to succeed at anything in life, be prepared for haters. People will hate you just because you have confidence. People will hate you because of your smile. People will hate you because you have more energy and more drive. People will hate you because they hate themselves. 

  Don’t let these haters be your downfall. Laugh it off and keep working on your goals and dreams. While your haters run from life, you’re running through life. 

That’s all I want. 

  I just want to serve. I just want to help. I just want to be the light for those that feel they are stuck in the dark. I just want to help those people who helped me when I felt like a piece of shit. I want to be a leader.

   I want followers of mine in any positive way to turn into leaders with their own following. I want to make meaningful contributions to society. Not just post about it online for show. I just want to become and develop all of the potential that a few others see in me. 

Lets be honest…

We’re all in it for self. At the end of it all, you are the CEO of your own life. Yes you love your friends, and yes you love your family, but lets keep it real, you have to make sure you are good before helping anybody else. There’s nothing wring with that, it’s just the way life works. How can someone that is already broken, fix the next broken soul? The results just multiply. 

  The next time someone calls you selfish, just say “Duh!”

That’s on you! 

  Your biggest battle is with self. Getting through the pain, the ridicule, the adversity, and fear. These are all things that will make or break you. Most of the trials in your life end with you deciding to either push forward, or give up. You can blam others all you want. 

  At the end of the day, you decided to do whatever it is you did to end up exactly where you are today. Nobody else is responsible for your decisions and actions.