Lets work people! 

  You can look adversity in the face and back down. You could second guess your abilities, and call it quits. You can come to the realization that you’re content with where you are, and who you are, in everyway. 

  The alternative? Get your ass up and make it happen for yourself. Nobody is going to push you to get to where you want to be. You have to make hundreds, if not thousands of decisions on a daily basis that will lead you to that accomplished goal. When the ball is in your court what are you going to do with it? 

Make that move! 

  You can sit around in self pity for the remainder of your life, or you can say “enough is enough”. Figure out what the problem is, shed light on it and promise yourself that you will never give less than 100% to your goals. You decide what it’s going to look like for you 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years from now! 

Push yourself further. 

  What are you willing to give up in order to get what you want in life? Are you will to gring until your body breaks down? Do you accept the challenge to pump out content left and right even when not a single sole shows you love for that content? There is no easy path. Every you want has to be worked for. 

  You can’t be great without the grind. 

I hate haters. 

  If you’re going to succeed at anything in life, be prepared for haters. People will hate you just because you have confidence. People will hate you because of your smile. People will hate you because you have more energy and more drive. People will hate you because they hate themselves. 

  Don’t let these haters be your downfall. Laugh it off and keep working on your goals and dreams. While your haters run from life, you’re running through life. 

It’s not over. 

  Before you get to your dream, you will be stripped of everything. You will reach your breaking. Before you accomplish that major goal, you’ll be questioning why you even got started in the first place. This is basically where I am. Constantly failing to gain short term “security”. 

  What I will say to you, and myself is KEEP PUSHING. You might have to change professions, or passions, but don’t quit now. It’s been far too long to thrown in the towel. You just have to get a lot more creative in terms of your approach to what you ultimately desire.