Hurry up and wait. 

 You succeed to by making the right choices throughout each day, and making those decisions failrly quickly. 


Writing during failure

What happens when you fail big time? How do you encourage others when you end up taking two giant steps backwards? You were supposed to be “Mr. Motivation and now you’re just Mr. What the hell happened?

You fight forward or you give up.

I’m deciding to take a quick breather and than resuming my fight. I don’t know what the future has for me or what exactly is going to happen in the next few months, but I do know that I’d like to take you on that journey.

I apologize to any of my readers who look forward to my writing everyday. At this point I hit a speed bump so big (figuratively) that it knocked me off of my horse and the horse kept running.

I hope to bring you more interesting ideas and stories connected to my life and yours. Failure will always be a part of the process, so I figured I wouldn’t hide it. I’m back where I started. Hopefully building new motivation to get to a much better place.

Walk with me.

P.S. Thank you for listening.

The newness cycle

We live in a society where new is fancy. Where new is new. If it’s new and expensive on top of that it’s even better (at least that’s how we as consumers respond) so we go for it every time.

With the speed of the internet and the ambush of new phones every few months our perception of new now means pre-orders of something we’ve only seen pictures of. After about 3 months consumer products are no longer new to us so we begin to search all over again.

It is very unfortunate and because of our behavior companies now build off of that “newness momentum”.

It takes away from the quality of everything. If demand for newness is every 6 months how will companies have time to build something that truly lasts? They won’t unless they stack projects.

A better suggestion would be to release products and ideas on a 20 to 30 month cycle. But even at that rate stacking projects is the only way to guarantee an incredible project come release day.