Today is a day tonrelax and let it all go. You’ve been working all week and deserve to blow off some steam. Sleep in, eat your favorite meal, and enjoy your blessings. 


Get up and act.

Knowing that you are here to serve a greater purpose should pump you up. You should be so excited to get out of bed every morning. 

Quick story: So yesterday was my day of rest (sunday). Usually what I do is watch family guy or fresh prince until I fall asleep for a few hours. After that I try to put in a little ground work and touch up on projects and ideas, just not as much and not as intense as a saturday or week day. 

I slept until about 9:00pm. So like I said light work nothing heavy. I really have to force my body to relax on Sundays or I’ll be a wreck all week. Anyway I finally fell back asleep around 2:30am. Well more like forced myself to go to sleep but I was distracted by my iPod. Then it hit me! I realized earlier while cleaning up my iPhone and trying to sort through data I deleted some precious information. So being a little pissed off about it I got up, turned on my computer and did work. 

Now it’s 4:00am and I finally realize that I need a few more hours of shuteye so that I could write this post on time. Off to bed I went. 


The moral or this story is that when you have a sudden itch or desire to get up and create or think, or get any type of inspiring work done DO IT! Don’t let time zones and late nights scare you. Sometimes there is a need for lack of sleep or order to complete a worthwhile task . 

If you laying in bed and can’t sleep GET UP! Do something productive. Create a list of goals. Work on that term paper that has been bugging you to death but don’t just play video games or talk to your love. Complete a task or start a task that will help you to eventually in time accomplish a really big dream. 


Get up and act!