No reminders for the heart. 

 If you have to be reminded to do something, it’s probably not that important to you. When it means something, you’ll never need a heads up. You’ll always go after that thing you are most passionate about. Your passion will wake you up. Your deepest desires will move you to take control of your situation. 

You’re in control now. 

  We’re conditioned by our upbringing at an early age. Whatever life was like growing up, will tend to follow suit into adulthood. This can be a serious problem if you ended up adopting destructive habits. As young children there is not much we can do to chang our circumstances. As teeneagers or young adults there is plenty we can do. We can change our perspection of the world. We can work harder and think more positivie thoughts. We can use our imagination and visialization to manifest the life we want to lead after we leave our parents for good. The first step is noticing the behavior of those around you, and identifying if they are soul-crushing and beneficial.  

Need more hours? Get your ass up. 

As much as some of us hate to admit it, the earlier you wake, you more you can accomplish througout the day. Even I still have trouble getting to it early in the morning.

You hate that tired feeling. You feel dizzy or sluggish but one thing that always motivates you is your passion. Think aboht what drives you and try even if it’s for a week, getting up two hours earlier. 

Don’t just wake up and go back to sleep. At least knock out some important goals. 

Are you up before the alarm? 

Motivation for some is needed every single day. Some people need to read quotes, or dive deep into self-help books to stay afloat and inspired. They have to be pushed. 

Others wake up motivated and inspired. They just get it. They know what they have to do and what it takes to get it done. The best part about being this kind of individual is saving more time by not having to search for inspiration or a kick in the ass. 

Focus on becoming the second person and watch how life changes for you. 

Always perform. 

When you get the chance to show your skills make sure you really perform. You might never ever get that chance in that particular situation ever again. If you imagine the most important people people that can give you the life you want are watching you will rethink and redo everything in your life! 

Don’t forget it’s not as easy as it sounds until it becomes habitual for you.