Action is always required

The best way to overcome anything is life, is by taking action. 

Regardless of what it is specifically. 

Working harder

Taking a nap

Saying your sorry

Studying longer

Adopting a positive mental attitude

Drinking more water

Telling someone how you truly feel

These are a few action steps you can take to overcome loss, failure, fear, anxiety, or to increase any positive vibes that you have going. 

Without action, nothing gets done. 

Here’s the problem….

You’re afraid of yourself. You’re scared you’ll fail. You’re scared you’ll succeed. You’re scared of the unknown. Here’s my solution: Shut the hell up and let go of the fear. 

Leave it behind and do the work that is scary, the work that is enjoyable. Let haters be haters. Embrace all of your stregnths, and turn your weaknesses into more stregnths. 

Fear is a state of mind. 

Success Nothing Less! 


Will cure boredom of any kind. Lead you to a life filled with possibilities. Is the answer to the questions, who, what, where, why, how? 

Always looking and searching for that next idea, for a deeper understanding of all that is life, this is curiosity.

How do you continue to increase intelligence, and expand what is humanly possible? 

The answer: become a lot more curious. 

It’s tough, so what, push! 

How will you know what you’re capable of if you keep stopping every time it gets difficult? 

Push past the bullshit, tighten up those trousers and grind like you’ve never grinded before. Bust ass. Win awards. Make people want to team up with you. 

Last but not least continue to be honest with yourself. 

You still have to keep going.

Even when you do not feel your best, ypu have to remember why you keep waking uo in the morning. 

For your kids? 

To make more money? 

Because of your faith? 

Are you one step away fron your ultimate goal? 

Competitive edge?

Whatever the reason, keep it lovked in the fron of your mind when sickness, depression, or failure tried to distract you. 

Just because you’re looking at the calendar…

It doesn’t mean time is moving slower or faster. You don’t have to rush your ideas. If your heart says they are not ready, so be it. Just perfect and refine them accordingly. Too often we get caught up in how America runs business. 

Everything is right now. Click of a button style.

 This will not ensure success of any kind every single time. 

Don’t be a afraid to comb through every detail of the process. This way, when it is time for the world to buy or enjoy what you have to offer, you actually enjoy it as if it’s not even yours. 

Keep the purpose and end goal in mind…

If you’re going to dedicate your time and effort towards any goal or dream, make sure it’s worth it. 

Losing sleep, eating junk, the physical, spiritual, and mental toll that work takes on you must be worth much more when you begin to see results. 

Know why you’re working so hard, and what you want to do with all of the rewards you reap. 

It’s easy to get trapped in a working web and losing sight of your “why”.