From one musician to another…

Lets also not forget that in the Pop and R&B world 90% of your favorite records ARE NOT WRITTEN by the artists singing them. As a writer of cheesy love songs myself, I found this to be super heartbreaking when I was a kid, but it’s been the norm pretty much since the beginning. 

This is what makes guys like Pharrell the very best because he’ll sit there and create the beat from scratch, than starts humming melodies and eventually words form, number one records, etc. but even he uses references for production. (Look up Blurred Line LawSuit). 

EVERY SINGLE ARTIST NEEDS INSPIRATION. We can not do it alone. Why do you think so many producers sample???? 

Because after you make 1,000 original beats on your own, your ideas begin to sound the same and because of that we listen to other ideas and just try to flip them to sound the way we want and need them too. 

There literally is NOTHING new under the sun. 

By the way this happens in art, fashion, the tech industry (Apple Vs Microsoft) automotive, and literally every other industry. 

I mean come on, Henry Ford set the tone for the automotive industry. The rest of us HAD to follow it.

Some ideas are so fresh, so clean, so creative that the only thing you can do is recreate it or remix it. 


88 degree walk home…

I didn’t cry. I didn’t shout. I did’t ask questions. I just bought a coke and walked a few miles back to my house. Faster than waiting for the bus. 

In certain situations you have to stop playing the victim and just make the move. Otherwise you are holding yourself back from potential progress that needs to be made on your behave. 

Oh and make sure to bring some water and a rag, just incase it’s hot where you are. 


Innvate in bits

Yes what you want to pursue might have been done already, but that is no reason to give up on it. You now have the chance to put your own twist on an older idea or profession, which changes the way the few people look at it. 

There can only be a few truly untested, and undone ideas out there. The rest of it is based on small modifications over time, due to trial and error. 

Make your version of it count. 

It’s on my mind…

I wonder why so many people are posting things that represent evil and negativity? It’s alarming. 
Your posts only put the negativity on blast. The negativity is like algae or a fungi that is constantly being touched and spread amongst others. Don’t spread the dis-ease. It doesn’t physically stop the negativity from happening.

If you don’t like when your kids play in dirt, why do you continue to do it everyday by shedding light on others darkness? Celebrate the fortunes that can be found in every situation. 

Hhhmmm…. It’s strange. It’s like the world is attracted to violence (outside of sports) and all things bad. The internet. The nega-net. (Negative-Internet). 

I identify with religious or christian people on the basis of them searching for and or maintaining peace within their/the kingdom. 

Fight fire with laughter, love and longevity. 

I’m not saying it’s easy to just be uppity and happy-go-lucky every single day, but damn. Take a positivity chill pill. Imagine people using your downfall or death to promote anything? Especially something that did not really do anything beneficial in the long run, other than magnify that you died for whatever reasons and how wrong it was but not jumping to your aid or spreading love and lessons to the ones who are still here as a way to prevent what could happen to them (your kids and their friends, a.k.a the rest of the youth). 

Maybe I’m wrong for this but whatever. I’m hungry, it’s cheat day, and I can’t sleep because of boredom, spiritual confusion (which he is not the author of) and lack of excitement and school.

Give it a rest. (Thumbs up Emoji).