They love to tell you, you can’t.  

One thing you can’t get away from is doubters. There will always be somebody around to say you can’t do it. This happens becaue the people telling you that you can’t are afraid to do it themselves, or they are trying to protect you. Regardless of their reasoning, ignore them and keep grinding. As long as you believe you can, the rest will work itself out. 

You’re in control now. 

  We’re conditioned by our upbringing at an early age. Whatever life was like growing up, will tend to follow suit into adulthood. This can be a serious problem if you ended up adopting destructive habits. As young children there is not much we can do to chang our circumstances. As teeneagers or young adults there is plenty we can do. We can change our perspection of the world. We can work harder and think more positivie thoughts. We can use our imagination and visialization to manifest the life we want to lead after we leave our parents for good. The first step is noticing the behavior of those around you, and identifying if they are soul-crushing and beneficial.  

Who are you grinding for? 

  If you’re just doing it for yourself, eventually you’ll quit. Do it for somebody else, and you may be inclined to see it all of the way through. May it’s for your grandmother, or brother. Maybe your dad just came back into your life and you want to make him proud. Regardless you might turn it up for that person, so keep them close when it gets tough and you feel like quitting. 

Everybody is fighting. 

  No matter how you feel about it, non of us are really alone. We maybe feel that way, but think about how many people are fighting for their dream just like you are. Every single one of us is fighting for something in life that we really want, or really want to get rid of. Just because some people carry themselves with more poise than you, doesn’t mean their struggle is not there or as important. We all have demons. 

  We all fail. We all fall, and we all have the choice to get back up, and live another day. Lets go! 

Lets all come with it! 

  We’re already dealt a finite amout of time. We stop growing physically at a certain point. School ends, and more responsibility arises. Why not try to create the best life for yourself that you possibly can? Yes it’s extremely hard (I’m trying to build mine now), but fuck it. The worst thing will be you actually make things better for yourself and those around you. If you fail, who cares. We get one life to live. Mine as well crank it up!