You will feel the raft before the reward. 

In order to dig deep your why has to be more important than the pain and resistence you currently feel in that moment of vulnerabilty. How else can you become the best version of you if you never have to deal with adversisty? We all need to expereience the struggle. We all need to feel defeat. We all need to lay awake sometimes at night ready to give up, and quit. 

What we must never do however is quit. What we must never do it give up. What we must never do is let the pain outweigh the passion. I can’t do it for you, so it’s on you at the end of it. 

How long!!!???

Be patient, be passionate and be persistent. You’ll go days, weeks, months, and even years before you begin to see the pay off. How long will you last? It might take 20 years before you see your dream fully realized. Are you willing to persist for that amount of time regardless of what happens in between that time and your ultimate goal? 

If not I suggest you get a day job with benefits. 

Otherwise keep pushing. Keep the faith. Keep believing in your ability to bounce back. It’s only a matter of time, and insane work ethic coupled with the right networking and will. 

Some days. 

Some days I really hate blogging or writing. These are the days when I might be in a bad mood, not feeling so well, or just being lazy. After 1,000 it gets tricky. For the most part you’d think it would be even easier. How many times can you say the same thing and make it sound different. 

Although my goal is never to say the same thing twice, it happens more often then I would like it to. Regardless of what I do or don’t have to say I keep going. I wake up, try to prepare my mind, and speak from the most honest place in my heart. As long as I can do that, I’ll keep posting. 

We don’t care about that. Just do what’s necessary. 

You’ll always find an excuse not to do something. Too tired. Not enough money. Lack of resources. You don’t know anybody. Where you live, how you grew up, or what your parents did for a living. 

None of that matters. It’s all just bullshit that you can try and cling to so that you can avoid the hard difficult work. Stop making excuses and start making moves. You only get one chance to live a full life. You mine as well get what you want, and give as much as you can. 

Fess up. 

Faking it until you make it doesn’t really cut it anymore. We can easily see through your act. Just embrace where you really are at in this journey and make it a part of your story. People want the real you. People want authenticity. People will not pretend with you. 

You are much better off letting the world know you are not perfect.