Don’t get played

Never give your time or attention to peopoe who don’t show you respect. Don’t give in to people who were never truly there. If they seemed inauthentic, let them go. 

Sometimes when we give a pass to people they take advantage of us. We then use the excuse of love and how bad it might make us look to continue shelling out love and favors to inconsiderate souls. 

Stop and put your foot down today and always. 

State the obvious but don’t do it!

The obvious thing to do is gaduate highschool, go to collge than get a decent paying job. Work for 60 years and retire semi rich. 

What you should do is matter. Be irreplaceable. Do the work that most don’t want to do. Show up when the seats are empty. Build your own empire. Doesn’t matter what size, as long as you love it and give your whole self. 

Leave them amazed. Inspire others to do as you did but bigger or better. Connect the right people with the right ideas. 

Have a ball doing it. Even when shit hits the fan. 

watch out for you tv…

The media has us making very poor decisions. Consumerism, alcoholism, violence, fear. So many things are promoted and smashed in our faces everyday. 

It is up to us as a whole to know what is ethical and what is just propaganda or sensationalism. Knowing that life is not as advertised in the media will save you the debt and embarassment of perception. 

When you are long gone…

It always feels good to know that your prescence matters to others. Most of the time it is only realized when you are gone, whether it’s for a day or for eternity. 

Try to be so great at what you do that people mourn both seriously and playfully at your absence. 

Become irreplaceable.