Live on purpose

Design the life you want to live. Don’t just be out here for the hell of it. Live intentionally with everything you do. It all should serve sn ultimate purpose for your end goal. 

Too many of us, just flop along in life. By the end we realize how much time we have wasted. You can relive anything. All you can do is move forward. Therefore you must make everything count. It all matters and leads to one of two things: 

Your success, or Your failure.  

Let work people! 

It’s time you start risking shit. What are you going to do when you look up 10 years from and have nothing to show for it? How about you stop waiting to do something and get it done today. Whatever that thing is you want to do and need to do, is what you need to have completed by the end of today. 

If it’s a bigger goal, get it started today, but set a deadline to finish it when yoy say you want to. Stop talking about wishing, and dreaming of a better life or more luck. We create our own luck and it’s time you started living like it. 


Excuse me if I seem like I’m all over the place as of late. A lot of major things are happening, and I’m not good at hiding what that does to me mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

When you see your life changing in such a way that will force growth and progression on you, or death you tend to freak out. I bottle up most things, but some of it often seeps out from the edges. 

Wether it’s your dooms day, or your wedding day, you must believe. Believe in your abilities. You must continue to step forward in that right direction. When it’s too late to turn back is when you know you’re on the right track or falling from the ledge. Either way you must behave as if everything will be just fine. Everything will work out. 

Most importantly keep the end result in mind. 

One of those days

The days when you are the least ready to get up and go. Those days when you feel like you have zero energy. Those days when the aches and pains are all that you can think of.

These are the days when you must push yourself. You don’t really know what you’ve got until the tank begins to empyt itself. 

In 20 years….

If you pay attention you’ll realize that the internet is turning into a gigantic meme. While the productive minds of the 21st century use it to level their voice, since they are the few who have something important to say. 
Thank you to the productive people! 
Too much noise, not enough narration!