What do we really want more of?

Stuff: Clothing, Cars, houses, monetary gain, promotions, and power or sex? 

 The things we really want more of: Love, Understanding, hugs, empathy, care, health, vision, clarity, time, happiness. 

In short we all want more of the things that can not be bought with cash or a credit card. 

Educate yourself on something

Lets assume you know absolutely nothing. You have no prior educational background about anything. 

What will you do with such an empty vessel? Will you fill it with good things or bad things? 

We essentially have the opportunity to start over and learn everything we’ve ever wanted to learn. We can go to school and learn it or do it all on our own time via books, journals, interviews, and the internet. As well as by experience life firsthand. 

Creativity is limitless

There’s no law that says you can only create within one medium. You can mix styles, and genres, and colors, and recipes. Whatever gets the job done for you. Just make sure it’s as geniune as possible. 

If you want to choreograph hip-hop dance moves to classical music, do it. If you want to wear five different pieces of clothing from five different decades or time frames, go for it. 

Whatever it is you want to do creatively, make it happen. Of course it won’t always go your way but at least you will always be able to express yourself on any level. 

Thoughts from a tired guy….

II’m so tired I accidentily published a blog post with just a title and no content. 

Do not run yourself ragget unless your life depends on it. You never realize how important it is to rest and recoup you start falling asleep with loud music in your ear, or when you fall asleep pretty much any and everywhere. 

I often wonder why it takes more time for some of us to fall asleep than other?  This goes beyond worry, or stimulation but sound or light. 


Imagination and visualization can take you far, but combining the two with action steps is the key to transforming your performance and creative output. 

Everybody thinks about changing their life or the world. So few actually bring that reality into fruition. 

If you practice phyiscally doing things everyday that push you in the direction of your most treasured dreams and goals, eventually the universe will interpret that as real energy and bring you what you want and need. 

Here’s your objective…

Create something worth sharing. Create something more. Create a little more. After that create until you literally can not create anything else for a few minutes or hours.

Do this every single day and watch how much besuty you can produce over time. Donmt forget to share it with people.