Inner vs Outer satisfaction 

You should have in place a good balance of extrinsic and intrinsic motivations. Reasons might be, people change and stop recipricating the love back, or you might personally indulge in too much intrinsic activity, resulting in narcissistic behavior. 

Right in between is where you want to be unless you are still maturing and have not reached that ideal life yet. 

Living another day is worth it! 

Moving forward in the face of adversity is a much better choice! We all get scared of making mistakes, of standing out, of not being accepted, of not being good enough, but you are special. You are 1 of 1. Live another day, and try a bit harder, ignore public opinion, and pursue your most bodacious dreams. Fuck haters, be happy, live long and prosper (star trek). The only person you truly need approval from is yourself. I love you. Even from a distance. 😊


How companies can win big. 

Sending a custom made cake to 1 out of every 1,000 customers on their birthday.

Random discounts to peoplel who shop on the least busiest days of the year. 


Giving customers of 5 years or more special shoppig experiences based on their loyalty to your brand. 

All of this wouldn’t be the most effective in all cases, but at least it would be memorable. 

Be aware of your perspective on finances.

Never let consumer habits be the source of your financial decision making. 

Look at your finances like a research ad development budget. Where you spend it ad what you spend it on, has an affect on you in a good way or bad way. This either means you do well and keep growin, or end up in debt and have to “go out of business”. 

Traditions getting sh@tted on. Journal 10, Chapter 10.

Here’s the catch-22 with digital books: easy to buy, save and travel with from place to place. Which is all good. What’s bad is, it hurts writers, publishers, and traditional brick and motar book stores. 

No matter what happens now and in the future, the information age is upon us and in full effect. Barely scratching the surface. Now publishing companies have to re-strategize and figure out new ways to sell their books, which some have already done. 

Just like the music industry was once perfect, as too was the book pulblishing industry. As the iPod and iTunes changed the game, so has e-readers, and digital book hubs, and sites like 

However I do believe thee will ALWAYS be physical books available, on some medium. Of course I think the number of physical copies will decrease significantly, but there won’t be a complete wipe put of them. Not in this lifetime atleast. 

I also ageee that digital book sales will continue to increase, while the rate of speed at which the digital copies sale will vary slightly and go through dips. Which leaves physical copies to enventually decay altogether in the coming decades. 

Today I learned…

I am much more skilled at critiquing students as opposed to being the student that is receiving critisism. 

My grade increased by 10 points taking me up a letter grade as the observer. I give credit to my ability to pay attention to details. 

Funny how we miss these things when we are the ones on the podium.