New day, New Canvas. 

Every single day we wake up with a blank canvas. We can paint on it whatever out hearts call us to do. Just because one day is. Ot the way you wanted it to be doesn’t mean life as you know it is over. Just throw that day away and start fresh tomorrow. 

Of course this is no excuse not to live everyday as if it is your last. Just a reminder that life will always continue regardless of your actions and attitude. 

Treat it like a business

As a company once you rub too many people the wrong way, you’re out. News spreads and your sales drop. Although you may or may not own a company you yourself are a brand. When people see you or think of you, they associate you with a set of values and ideas. Make sure you do whatever you can to keep their impression of you positivie. Otherwise you leave a nasty taste in people’s mouths, and that can’t be good for business moving forward. 

Focus and intensity. 

When you change your focus you change your intensity. Whatever you want done is the thing you need to be paying the most attention to. A lot of people lack focus, because they get discouraged, or distracted by everything else around them. Don’t let that be you. It’s great to work on multiple ideas at once, but that’s not going to get you as far as you’d like. When you learn to attack one goal at a time, you see how fast you can accomplish things without actually rushing through and doing it wrong. 

A bonus gift for being loyal. 

I made this project. I sat with it for a long time trying to figure out what to do with it. It does nothing if it just stays on my hard drive so I’m giving it to you.

Freebies are good right?

If you like it share it with 3 people. If you hate it, that’s fine too. 

P.s. I enjoy composing music (since 15 years of age). 

Thanks again for being a loyal reader. I never thought others would enjoy the things I speak about and notice everyday. It means a lot to me. 

I’m still wrestling with the idea of creating another book which is why I made music instead. Maybe it’s my lizard brain weighing me down. 

Anyway share your projoects or ideas in the comments below if you have any you want to share with me. 

It’s temperary to lose. 

You can’t let every loss destroy you every single time. Yes some loses will hurt more than others. What you must do is use the pain as fuel. Turn the hurt into humility and learn to move on a little faster. 

It’s hard to accomplish any worthwhile goals if you’re too busy worrying about what happened last week or a year ago, or if you sit there and pout. 

You’ll get over it. Now get to these goals and dreams. 

Did you find yours? 

How many ideas or dreams will you go theough before you finally pick one and stick with it? 

The answer is unknown until you are proud to answer the  more important question: What is it that you do for a living? 

Often we think we need to find exactly what it is we are pssionate about rifht away. This is not always the case. Some people have to go through an experimental stage. Others have to lose it all and hit ground zero first. The ones that are a little more aware or faster already know from an early age what they have been called to do in life.

Personally I still question from time to time what my calling really is. Whatever it is for you, keep fighting to see it become a daily reality for you. 

Of course you should make sure you can get through what seth godin calls The dip before wasting years and years of valuable time. 

Become great at doing both. 

Easier said than done. Every single thing in life that comes your way is easier said than done. Everybody on the planet can talk a good ass game, but how many people get it done? How many people can see their own vision all of the way through? 

The challenge most people face is not saying. The problem is not doing. Where people get caught up is in both saying and than doing. Once you say what you’re going to do, there is a morale contract you sign with yourself to back up your talk with action. 
Make sure you respect that contract of morale and or character. It will come in handy as you live and learn.