Something new…

There’s only a little harm in trying something new. But trying nothing new at all is totally fatal! 

Keep things fresh. Even if it’s a new scent of soap or new flavored toothpaste. Test it. Try it. Then try something else. 

Eventually this will translate into bigger things like career changes, traveling adventures etc.

The worst thing is to get stuck in a rut. Trying new things is the cure for that! 

Have fun! 

The fight continues…

Some days everything sucks. I want to hide and get on a plane never to return. There’s pain, frustration, failure, self-doubt, and a slew of other issues that could destroy someone not equip to fight back. These day I remember why I’m working, and what I’m working for. I think about the few people that watch me and take insoiration from what it is I do (whatever that is) and it moves me. It stops me from giving in to my emotional and physical urges to just stop. 

There is always one more reason to keep moving forward. Always. 

Get it yourself! 

Well you can rely on the actions of another individual in order to fulfill your own desires and get what you want, or you can find a way to get it done yourself. 

There is no reason why you should be so heavily reliant on others. What if they change or you have s fight and stay angry with you forever? Instead of being screwed you should be grateful that you always took care of yourself no matter who was there to add extra help.