Love what you do, do what you love? 

You often hear people say “do what you love, love what you do.” The only concern here is how difficult the road to your passion can be. Especially if you don’t figure it out right away. At the same time I completely understand that if you emmerse yourself in your passion it will give you the results you seek.  

I guess what I’m saying is people overlook the process. You don’t just wake up and get paid for what you love. You have to bust your ass every single day of your life in order to maintain any sense of consistency. You have to be told no hundreds of times along the way. You make lots of money, and lose lots of money. Friends come and go and if you’re lucky family sticks aroujd for the entire ride. There is so pain and confusion that come with pursuing what you love. 

Once some of us realize how much you have to go through, we second guess ourselves or we give up altogether. I encourage you to keep going. If it’s been more than a year that you’ve been at it, you mine as well keep going. Of course this doesn’t mean keep going along blindly. Do a self assessment every 6 months to a year. Make sure you are etting better. If not you need to pull the plug. 

But what do I know? I’m still trying to figure out how to get paid to do what I love without completely exposing myself. 

Hiring, and working for self. 

Companies might waste a ton of time doing test-runs for potential employees. I thought it seemed like a good idea until I realized how much money it would cost them. Not an actually dollar amount per say. Just the time spent bringing people in temporarily. There would be no real form of insurance on a count of uniforms, and possible injuries. It wouls become a giant guessing game. Although hiring someone is still a bit of a gamble because you never really know how good or loyal an employee can be. 

This was just a random thought that came to me. Maybe I’m just annoyed at how the hiring anf firing process works. Working for yourself is the best bet. Now If I could just work hard enough to pay myself…

The results of lofty thinking….so far. 

Right now I’m really feeling it. I have no idea what is around the corner, and I’m getting desperate. I know I have the energy, and work ethic to pull off amazing things. The problem is, pulling those things off. If you can’t get pass the little things in life, you definitely don’t deserve to work on or enjoy the big things. Everyday is as scary as the one before it. I will continue to move forward and figure out what I need to change. This is what I get for being a dreamer. 

Mastering my clarity. 

Trying to figure out what I’m a master at or the best at is my goal. I’ve spent years studying ideas and philosophies. Never really buckling down and putting these ideas to work. Maybe a few of the ideas actually gave me results but the ones that would have yielded the most results remain untried. Now I’m at a place where I’m tired and frustrated. I know I have some youth left. I feel I have the work ethic and will to win. I feel I can and will adapt to the changing circumstances that come my way. Currently I’m trying to work towards and develop the little things that are necessary. I just really want to finally nail my vision. Bringing clarity to that vision is one of the ultimate goals. I believe I am closer to it now than ever before. Now it’s just a matter of upping my wor ethic. 

Give me a week. 

Why is there such a long ass screening process for available positions nowadays? If I fit the description, let me step uo and show you what I can do. If I wind upunder performing, get rid of me. I understand you don’t want to waste a lot of time and money, but niether do I. 

All companies should have people book a week slot. During that week, if they fit the description, they should be able to work. Do the job as it needs to be done. Go through everything you can during that week. Really push that person. If they do a great job, hire them on. If they suck tell them they didn’t make the cut. 

This paper formula is too tedius. Of course when things are not going your way you think everything is unfair. 


We often forget how fortunate we are. Everyday we wake up and have a beautiful life to live. We have opportunities to take advantage of. We have ideas in our minds to use. We have working limbs, and enough food or shelter to prosper. 

Take this time to thank your creator. He or she has blessed you greatly with many, many things that so many people would kill for. 

I am thankful to the universe for all it has given me during my pursuit.