Not just tomorrow! 

Tomorrow is not about giving thanks. Why? Because EVERYDAY is about giving thanks. Thanks for somone holding a door, your mother loving you unconditionally, your pet always being the most loyal one in your life. The strangers who smile as you pass them by. The job you still have even after having a few bad days. The school you still attend regardless of your grades. Your kids still being in love with you even as they grow older and make more independent decisions. 

Everything in your life and mine is a serious blessing. Good and bad. It all morphs us into the incredible people we are, and will become later in life. 

This is why you should be thankful everyday. Not because of some random holiday that we celebrate based on people being killed (native americans), and food being aten (food is available all year round). 

If you are reading this you probably have family wether it’s long time friends, coworkers, or biological, they are the ones to also be grateful about everyday even when and if you don’t always see eye to eye. 

Lets reevaluate

Once you stop making excuses for your actions or inaction, life opens you up. It’s not his or her fault that you are where you are. Upbringing, financial background, genetics, education, none of it really matters as much. 

The thing that matters is your self-belief. Your willingness to take resposibility for your results. Not giving up at the first sign of defeat. Staying focused on the task ahead. Thanking those that helped you along the way. Giving respect and earning respect.

These are the tools that will propel you to greatness. Are you ready for the challenge? 

Action baby! 

Pondering the implications is not as effective as action. Telling me how you feel is not as efficient as action. Thinking about your next move is not as plausible as action. Considering an ideal will not yield you the same results as action. 

The lesson here? Action dilutes any stagnancy.