The check up. 

You should examine your life often. Every 6 months check in to see how much closer yoy sre to your dream. If you are closer, examine how you got there, and figure out how to increase your results in the coming months. 

If you are further away from your dream, figure out why, and stop doing that. Adopt a new set of principles, and action steps in order to keep motion going in a forward direction. 

If you don’t check in or forget to check in, you’ll be a sitting duck. Just out here in the world, without a care. Not knowing where you are going. Just crashing into every wall with no solution in sight. 

If you want to be respected and or loved…

Be honest. Be grateful. Help a few people. Remember small things. Dance. Get geniuine laughter out of people (nothing forced ever works). Smile a lot. Use silence. Do what you say and than say what you did (but don’t brag). Be good at noticing stuff. Never kiss ass. Not even for a check. Repeat all of this as often as possible with multiple people. 

Don’t go overboard with the “making people laugh”. They’ll notice. 

The goal is closer than you think. 

As soon as we see how far a distance we must travel to reach the ultimate goal, we pout, and bitch. We turn off all mental abilities, and figure out the best reason (read excuse) to give up. 

“Someone I know or love died”. 

“I have cramps.”

“I failed twice or more times, so that’s a sign it’s not for me.”

“I can’t afford it.”

“(Insert some weak ass shit here)”.

So you’re willing to do whatever it takes, to get out of doing something, but won’t use that same enthusiasm to get into something? 

How do you sound right now?

10 reasons your degree won’t help…

10. Bad hygiene. (Nobody wants to sit next to Mr. or Mrs. Stank Ass).

9). You talk way too much. (It’s you if you have to question it). 

8). You don’t have any note taking material. (Stop being a dick head, and make a office max/staples trip).

7). You barely talk (if at all). (Network is networth). 

6). You ask questions completely unrelated to your class/major. (Wtf are you doing!?).

5). You go because of “all of the bad bitches”. (Bro, we’re not in high school anymore, smarten up). 

4). You go because of the “cute guys”. (After 5th grade it eventually leads to pregnancy. You sure you want that in your future?).

3). You have no idea how to answer the question: “So what can you do with your major?”. (You’re just an idiot. Change your major or get serious about it). 

2). You think you have 6 month AFTER graduation to start looking for work. (BRUH!!!!!!). 

1). You don’t plan on the possibility of relocating because of better career opprtunities. (Stop being scared and get on that plane pussy!). 

Everybody wants to live lavish…

But nobody wants to wake up earlier. Nobody was to stay up later. Nobody wants to do more than what is required. Nobody wants to sacrifice money, time, material items, or pride. Nobody is willing to die for their craft. 

But you want to kick your feet up!? Doesn’t work like that.