Be your own. 

  If we can I believe we shod all eventually work for ourselves. Bosses don’t respect our time enough. Bosses tell us when to eat and what to buy. Bosses don’t have too much to worry about in terms of job security. Most importantly bosses can fire you at any given moment. Becoming a successful business owner would allow you to steer your own ship. 

That’s all I want. 

  I just want to serve. I just want to help. I just want to be the light for those that feel they are stuck in the dark. I just want to help those people who helped me when I felt like a piece of shit. I want to be a leader.

   I want followers of mine in any positive way to turn into leaders with their own following. I want to make meaningful contributions to society. Not just post about it online for show. I just want to become and develop all of the potential that a few others see in me. 

Get your ass moving! 

Attention everyone! Stop living like you have the rest of your life to get it done. You don’t! Nobody knows when their time is coming. You might want to move with a sense of urgency if you have big dreams and ambitious goals.

   Live in moment a little more as well. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to run around, take off as fast or as slow as you want. Do you like someone? Ask for their number and keep it moving. 

  Do you want some cake, eat the biggest piece you can cut. Dye your hair, sky dive, go skinny dipping. If you’re not wild and a free spirit, just read as many books as possible. Watch your favorite parts of your favorite shows, and skip the opening and closing credits. 

  Whatever you want, get to it asap. We all have this one shot. Lets be as present as possible while pursuing a long term journey. 

Make sure it adds up. 

  If you’re just waking up and gambling the day away, of course you won’t be successful on any level. Wake up everyday with the end results in mind. Do you want more money, a larger network, a better car, or your first car? Whatever you want needs to be what you think about and work towards when you turn off that alarm clock and begin the day. None of your days should happen by fate, but by choice and intention. 

  Calculate every move and watch how blessed you become. 

On “E”.

  There’s a line that says something like, a lot of us die with dreams still inside of us. 

  Things you’ve always wanted, and cared about not being fully expressed or brought to fruition, is a very scary thought. How can this be possible? There are a ton of unforunate situations that can remove someone from this earth, mentally, physically, and spirutually. This we know to be very true. The real reason most of us die with a ton of dreams unfulfilled is because we lack the ability to execute. 

  We lack the ability to persist during tough times. We lack trust in ourselves, and we’re far too impatient to see the journey all of the way through. If you don’t obssess over accomplishing everything it is you want to accomplish, you can be sure to die full. I on the other hand plan to die empty, happy, and with a life fully fulfilled. How about you?